Digital Solutions for Local Small Businesses

Jordan Louis is an experienced digital marketing professional focusing on helping give local small businesses a fighting chance online as a partner.

The mission? Drive Norfolk County’s economic growth by bringing big business-caliber digital marketing, analytics, search engine optimization, and paid online advertising tactics to local small businesses, all at a reasonable price.

Jordan has four years of experience in the private sector working with clients such as Bombardier, Desjardins, Zendesk, NPR, and Smithsonian Magazine working in digital marketing analytics implementation, three years of experience in the public sector working with Service Canada on the public sector website consolidation project with the Digital Services Directorate’s web analytics team, and two years in private practice as a freelancer working with several local businesses to help them with web development, content writing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and more.

Contact Jordan today at or by phone or text at (519) 718-2926.

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Jordan also operates a 3D printing business at