Crazy Idea I: Laundromat of the Future

A laundromat with gift-card-style cards instead of coins. Web-reloadable by credit, reloadable in person with cash or debit. Accounts need to be transferable from card to card. Ensure there is minimal friction in process: laundry is hard enough. Sell detergent and stuff in-store. 

Or maybe mod the machines so the detergent is added automatically. Just have selector buttons for detergent, bleach, fabric softener, etc. 

Track usage of machines electronically to perform analytics to improve business. 

– Maintenance scheduling
– Water and electricity usage (maybe release a sustainability report every month)
– Customer account resolution/inquiries (offer stats to customers on usage, or let them check online)
– Detergent, other consumable usage tracking for restocking. 
– RFID inventory tracking? Can we get RFIDs cheaply in bulk?

Is there a market for a scent-free version? All-natural detergents, etc, but with same electronic features? But what’s the comorbidity of scent sensitivity and electromagnetic field sensitivity? Significant?