About Jordan


My name is Jordan Louis.

I live in Ottawa, the capital of Canada.

I spend my days analysing visitor traffic, building and explaining reports, and helping define the analytics and performance measurement strategy for Canada.ca while on assignment with Service Canada. I do a bit of web analytics, development, design and research work on the side as well. Along with my analytics and industry research work, I also make web pages with WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and a bit of intuitive design sense.

I have a very evidence-based philosophy when it comes to web marketing, which probably sprung out of my history as a one-time aspiring lawyer, and partly from my infatuation with science. If we’re not sure if something’s working, we look at the data. If we’re not sure if something is likely to get visitors to do what we want them to, we’ll test it. A-B and multivariate testing are my best friends.

When I’m not working for clients of all shapes and sizes, I can be found reading up on the latest analytics, web development, online business, and web design news, painting miniatures, tinkering with electronics and 3D printers, or spending time with my wife, cat, and miniature dachshund.

My Google Analytics Certification is good until April 10, 2016. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Carleton University, majoring in Law with a minor in History, and a Law Clerk (Intensive) diploma from Algonquin College.


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